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Airship Dock

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This is another large area of the Age of Voltaic. It receives power from the Lava Chamber, and is designed to fill the zeppelin-like airship to reach the Age's end.

In the sunlit side, a corkscrew-shaped lift which is powered by the main generator leads down to a catwalk to board the airship. A lever there opens an enormous aperture to let it through. A vent duct shaped like a spine with rib-shaped scaffolds provides the hot air, a vent grate leading to the lava chamber control room, and a spinning maintenance tube.

Behind this, three levels of steam control valves adjust the amount of incoming air-one sabotaged by Saavedro, along with a gauge to measure the amount, with a dotted line showing how much air is needed (19 units). Another valve fills the ship. Little else resides here.

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