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Writer: Varsil
Appears in: MYST Comic Book #0

NOTE: Cyan canceled the MYST comic books after numerous errors appeared in them. They should not be taken as true D'ni canon, and are apocryphal at best.

Attached Image: dania_age.png
According to the MYST comic books, Dania was a land of bounteous grain, designed to end the decades-long famine that had plagued D'ni. According to Varsil:

"With two suns, the growing season is all year round, and the soil is so rich in minerals that seeds germinate practically before you plant them!"

Varsil named the Age "Dania," in honor of the D'ni princess whose hand he sought.

When King Clevis (offended at the prospect of a commoner marrying his noble daughter) refused to allow Varsil to marry Dania, the enraged Varsil destroyed the Age of Dania by dropping it into a lava flow in another of his Ages.