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D'ni Timeline

Portions of this timeline are taken, with permission, from the now-defunct D'ni Archives website. Please note that many of the dates between the end of the Era of the Kings and the beginning of Riven are based on speculation and inference, and should not be taken as final unless officially backed by Cyan as well. Items marked with a * need to be confirmed by a secondary source before being considered correct.

This timeline is divided into two sections: the Historical Timeline and the Modern Timeline. The Modern Timeline begins with the present-day discovery of D'ni by John Loftin in 1987, and uses Surface dating to ensure that everyone can tell what happened when. The Historical Timeline chronicles the events of the Myst series (minus End of Ages), as well as the 9400 years of history leading up to the Fall of D'ni, and uses D'ni dates broken into sections of 625 years each - or one D'ni century.

New events from the Cavern can be found at the very bottom of the page (just hit "End" on your keyboard to get there).

Historical Timeline

BE stands for Before Earth, and DE stands for D'ni Era.

3125 BE - 1 BE

625 BE - 1 BE

0 DE - 3124 DE

0 DE - 624 DE

625 DE - 1249 DE

1250 DE - 1874 DE

  • 1303 DE (6354 - 6353 BCE)
    • A Writer mysteriously leaves the Guild of Writers, followed shortly by the theft of Books and Ink from the halls of the respective Guilds. This was the beginning of a plot by the Judges of Yahvo which would lead to the Pento War.
  • 1320 DE (6337 - 6336 BCE)
    • The Judges of Yahvo, who had been writing illegal Ages in an effort to develop a race of warriors that they could control, see their efforts come to fruition this year with the completion of the Pento Age.
  • 1323 DE (6334 - 6333 BCE)
  • 1352 DE (6305 - 6304 BCE)
    • King Koreen is assassinated by a group of Pento warriors, led by the Judges of Yahvo.
    • Ahlsendar, now 29, remains in hiding on his family's private Age and plans how to overthrow the Pento in safety, apparently at the suggestion of his uncle.
    • The Judges of Yahvo claim control of the D'ni government following the assassination of King Koreen.
    • The Pento, led by the Judges of Yahvo, begin moving their forces into other Ages inhabited by the D'ni.
    • Several weeks after the expansion of the Judges' campaign into other D'ni Ages, the Judges kill the leader of the Pento, fearing that he was becoming too powerful and difficult to control. The Pento quickly fall into disarray as his two sons scramble to take control of the throne.
    • Fifteen weeks after his father's death, Ahlsendar returns to D'ni.
  • 13?? DE
    • Ahlsendar allies himself with the Pento warrior Mekarr, and agreed to help him defeat his brother if he left D'ni and returned home peacefully. Ahlsendar also agrees to write a new Age for the Pento to live in.
  • 1376 DE (6281 - 6280 BCE)
    • Ahlsendar leads a force into the Pento Age and, in the Battle of the Great King, defeats Makarr's brother, Timaue.
    • The five leaders of the Judges of Yahvo are rounded up and linked into Prison Ages, and the Books burned.
    • End of the Pento War.
    • Ahlsendar is officially coronated as King of D'ni several weeks after the sentencing of the leaders of the Judges of Yahvo.
  • 1423 DE (6234 - 6233 BCE)
  • 1466 DE (6191 - 6190 BCE)
    • Mekarr enters the Palace through Books given to him by the Judges of Yahvo and kills King Ahlsendar's wife and two sons. Ahlsendar defeats Mekarr in what is described as an "astounding battle."
    • Two days after the death of his family, Ahlsendar orders the release of a D'ni-developed plague into the new Pento homeworld. Within three days, the entire population of Pento was dead, along with many inhabitants of other Ages which the Pento were in contact with. The D'ni, unaware of Ahlsendar's participation in the development of the plague, blame the Pento for the devastation. The Guild of Chemists fears that the plague could mutate into something that could one day threaten D'ni.
    • All Books to which the Pento had access are gathered together to be destroyed.
  • 1500 DE (6157 - 6156 BCE)
    • King Ahlsendar gathers the people of D'ni together to "inform them of the truth." In his speech, he informs his people that he was responsible for the plague that was unleashed upon the Pento. At the end of his speech, he asks to be sealed within the Temple of the Great King, along with all infected Books and other Books linking D'ni to their past.
  • 1501 DE (6156 - 6155 BCE)
    • King Ahlsendar is sealed within the Temple of the Great King.
    • Solath, Ahlsendar's chosen heir, takes temporary control of D'ni while they awaited Ahlsendar's promised return.
    • Six months after Ahlsendar was sealed in the Temple, Solath discovers the final wishes of Ahlsendar and reads them publicly. In the letter, Ahlsendar stated that he "... was not to return..." and "... for no reason should the seal on the Temple of the Great King ever be broken."
  • 1502 DE (6155 - 6154 BCE)
  • 1520 DE (6137 - 6136 BCE)
    • Nemiya, the prophetess advisor to the Great King, denounces Ahlsendar in her book, The Book of Nemiya. The books calls Ahlsendar a fraud and an impostor, guilty of killing thousands of Age-dwellers and misleading and betraying his own people. The book sends D'ni into a religious upheaval, and generates considerable outrage, most notably from King Solath.
  • 1527 DE (6130 - 6129 BCE)
  • 1550 DE (6107 - 6106 BCE)
    • Public sentiment towards Nemiya's defamatory book about the Great King shifts, and many begin to see wisdom and truth in her writings.
  • 1604 DE (6053 - 6052 BCE)
    • In an effort to distract his people from their growing religious crisis, King Solath announces plans for the civic district of Karim, including an opera house and concert hall.
  • 1610 DE (6047 - 6046 BCE)
    • Construction on the civic district of Karim begins.
  • 1650 DE (6007 - 6006 BCE)
    • Construction of the Karim district is finally completed after numerous delays and difficulties, much to the excitement of the people.
  • 1735 DE (5922 - 5921 BCE)
    • King Solath's wife passes away. He soon remarries, taking as his wife a young woman named Jolatha, an influential member of a cult known as The Tree. Solath denied her involvement in the cult.
  • 1748 DE (5909 - 5908 BCE)
  • 1779 DE (5878 - 5877 BCE)
    • King Solath dies of natural causes at the age of 356.
    • Me'erta takes the throne at the age of 31.
  • 1817 DE (5840 - 5839 BCE)
    • King Me'erta proposes construction of the Temple of the Tree, the first time any King officially sanctioned anything other than the original beliefs of Ri'neref.
    • Me'erta also suggests that the line of the Great Zero is inaccurate. Although he does not change the line, all of the religious structures built during his reign are aligned with his proposed redirection of the line.
  • 1843 DE (5814 - 5813 BCE)
    • Construction of the Temple of the Tree is completed.
  • 1871 DE (5786 - 5785 BCE)

1875 DE - 2499 DE

2500 DE - 3124 DE

3125 DE – 6249 DE

3125 DE - 3749 DE

3750 DE - 4374 DE

4375 DE - 4999 DE

5000 DE - 5624 DE

5625 DE - 6249 DE

6250 DE – 9374 DE

6250 DE - 6874 DE

6875 DE - 7499 DE

7500 DE - 8124 DE

8125 DE - 8749 DE

8750 DE - 9374 DE

9375 DE – 12499 DE

9375 DE - 9999 DE

Modern Timeline

1980 CE - 1989 CE

1990 CE - 1999 CE

2000 CE - 2009 CE

  • 2000 CE (9655 - 9656 DE)
    • Restoration of Ae'Gura begins.
  • 2001 CE (9656 - 9657 DE)
    • Restoration of the first Neighborhood (Bevin) begins.
  • 2002 CE (9657 - 9658 DE)
    • Authorized Explorers are allowed into D'ni and several Ages for the first time.
    • July 22 - The first public tour of D'ni is given remotely to attendees of the annual Mysterium convention, this time located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
    • September - Restoration Engineer Phil Henderson goes missing while working in Eder Kemo. After two weeks of searching for him, Dr. Watson received a message from Phil stating that he was OK, but would not be coming back.
  • 2003 CE (9658 - 9659 DE)
    • January - Explorers from the Surface, assisted by Jeff Zandi, begin to enter D'ni without authorization from the DRC.
    • November 17 - The DRC officially opens the D'ni Cavern to explorers invited by Jeff Zandi.
    • November 19 - Phil Henderson returns to Eder Kemo, and speaks to explorer Zardoz.
    • November 28 - Phil Henderson returns again to Eder Kemo and speaks to explorer MrM3FaN. Phil asks to speak to the DRC, but runs off again after speaking to Laxman for several minutes.
    • November 29 - Explorers organize a sit-in to protest the presence of DRC-erected barriers in Ae'Gura.
    • December 1 - Phil appears in several Neighborhoods, distributing the island Relto Page and talking to explorers.
    • December 3 - The DRC opens access to the Tokotah Courtyard.
    • December 15 - Phil is abducted by the DRC in an effort to prevent him from hurting himself or others. Explorer reaction is swift and highly critical of the action.
    • December 17 - Douglas Sharper and several explorers tear down the barrier to the Kahlo Pub in protest of the DRC's recent actions and continued silence.
    • December 19 - Sharper and several explorers break into the Private Room of Sharper's private neighborhood.
    • December 21 - Explorer Tink was permitted to talk to Phil during his detainment in the DRC's Kirel neighborhood.
    • December 22 - The DRC reacts to Sharper's outbursts in the Cavern by revoking his access to the Great Tree Pub, which he had previously been in charge of restoring. Explorers continue to protest the DRC's actions. Zandi posts a message about the "path of the shell" in the DRC forum.
    • December 23 - Phil is released by the DRC on the condition that he cease explorations of unsafe areas, as he had been doing prior to his confinement in Kirel.
    • December 26 - A structure in the Guild Hall collapses while Phil Henderson was exploring. Access to the City is immediately shut down while the DRC search the area. The search reveals no body, only a smashed KI. The DRC believe Phil to be dead. Dr. Watson leaves the Cavern under emotional duress.
  • 2004 CE (9659 - 9660 DE)
    • January 6 - Access to the Great Zero is granted to all explorers.
    • January 21 - The DRC opens the community hall and Private Room sections of the Neighborhoods, and lowers several more barriers in Ae'Gura.
    • January 23 - The Gahreesen Wall is opened to all explorers.
    • February 9 - The DRC restoration effort in D'ni is abandoned due to a lack of financial resources and leadership from Dr. Watson.
    • August 7 - Victor Laxman and Ikuro Kodama decide to allow limited access to the D'ni Cavern for those willing to return. No additional restoration work is scheduled, and no regular maintenance is expected, but D'ni continues to remain inhabited.
  • 2005 CE (9660 - 9661 DE)
    • Dr. Watson completes the Quest to free the Bahro from their enslavement. Yeesha returns to Releeshahn to live with her father, Atrus.
    • December 21 - Victor Laxman begins posting on the DRC forums, looking for his fellow Council members.
  • 2006 CE (9661 - 9662 DE)
    • February 15 - The DRC return to the Cavern in a limited capacity, offering an official way for people to return to D'ni. There are still no plans for restoration work to resume.
    • February 28 - Marie Sutherland visits several neighborhoods in D'ni making a call for five Liaisons as go-betweens for communication between the DRC and explorers.
    • April 15 - After considerable debate in the explorer community, CAGrayWolf, Eleri, Gadren, Tweek, and Vortmax are elected as the first five DRC/community Liaisons.
    • October 28 - All five Liaisons (CAGrayWolf, Eleri, Gadren, Tweek, and Vortmax) are re-elected for another 6-month term as the DRC/community Liaisons.
    • December 19 - 'The Great Scream' - During a meeting with the DRC, the screams of Bahro are heard and explorers in the cavern and throughout the Ages are simultaneously linked back to their Reltos. Explorers lose all of their Relto pages and books in their Relto shelf and all KIs become disabled. The Cavern itself is changed in subtle ways.
    • December 20 - The DRC reopens the Cavern, but with access to several parts limited as they check for damage.
    • December 24 - Imagers come back on line.
  • 2007 CE (9662 - 9663 DE)
    • January 3 - Cate Alexander is revealed to be the funder for the DRC.
    • January 12 - CAGrayWolf resigns as a DRC Liaison, citing arguments and criticism among the community.
    • January 13 - Tweek resigns as a DRC Liaison.
    • January 17 - The remaining elected liaisons (Eleri, Gadren and Vortmax) resigned en masse and Dr. Kodama announces that the DRC is dissolving the position.
    • January 19 - Eder Delin is released by the DRC and placed in neighborhoods.
    • February 5 - The DRC forums are shut down.
    • February 8 - A sit-in to protest the removal of the DRC forums is lead by members of the Great Tree and is disrupted by Sydney Austin, leader of the Anti-DRC movement.
    • February 9 - The DRC forums are returned.
    • February 15 - Eder Tsogal is released by the DRC and placed in Neighborhoods.
    • February 20 - Snow hits Eder Delin. A hologram of Yeesha appears in a Bevin after explorers gather to 'summon' her. She says nothing.
    • March 1 - Negilahn, the first 'pod age', is released by the DRC. The book is put in the Ae'gura Museum.
    • March 3 - Douglas Sharper meets with the DRC after animals in Negilahn are dying.
    • March 15 - Dereno is released and placed in the Museum next to the Negilahn book.
    • March 21 - Sharper, Nick White and explorer Rils go on an expedition in Negilahn. They find 'shredded' carcasses of animals. Cate Alexander releases a map which confirms the pod ages are actually in the same age.
    • April 5 - The third pod age, Payiferen, is released and placed in the Museum.
    • April 13 - The final Great Zero markers appear and the calibration of the Great Zero begins.
    • April 19 - The final pod age, Tetsonot, it released.
    • April 25 - A Bahro stone linking to Descent (the Great Shaft) appears in Tokotah Alley.
    • April 26 - Nick White is put on probation by the DRC for 'fraternization' with explorers, notably Sydney Austin.
    • May 3 - Nick White is fired by the DRC for violating the terms of his probation.
    • May 19 - A seismic event in Ae'gura leaves cracks in the alley next to the Kahlo Pub.
    • May 20 - Wheely Engberg and her friend Rosette disappear. Bahro are sighted in Ae'gura. The DRC closes down Ae'gura in order to search for the missing girls.
    • May 21 - Wheely is located, having been trapped by a cave in near the Kahlo Pub. Rosette was killed by the cave in. The DRC begins excavating to get to her.
    • May 22 - The DRC reaches the cave only to find that Wheely has been killed.
    • May 23 - Douglas Sharper returns and reveals that he was ambushed by Bahro in Negilahn, only to be saved by other Bahro. He describes it as "war". Michael Engberg disappears.
    • May 24 - The DRC releases Minkata (in the Library) despite recent tragic events.
    • June 23 - The Watcher's Sanctuary is opened to the public.
    • June 24 - The Great Zero is activated.
    • June 25 - Cate Alexander assumes Michael Engberg's position on the DRC. Douglas Sharper plans an expedition to Noloben to kill a Bahro.
    • June 26 - Er'cana is released and places in the Watcher's Sanctuary. The DRC places a memorial for lost explorers in the alley near the Kahlo Pub.
    • June 27 - The DRC announces that pellets made in the ovens of Er'cana can be used to revive the luminescent algae in the lake.
    • July 26 - Scores from dropping pellets in Er'cana can be uploaded to imagers.
    • July 30 - Douglas Sharper returns from Noloben, having shot a Bahro.
    • July 31 - Two Bahro leave a dead Bahro at Sharper's feet in the Watcher's Pub. Bahro are spotted all over the Cavern. Kirel is opened and the DRC announces they plan to restore four of the D'ni Guilds: the Writers, the Maintainers, the Messengers and the Cartographers. They add the Greeters as the fifth official Guild.
    • August 2 - Jalak Dador is released and places in the Library.
    • August 3 - The DRC appoints explorer Reteltee to be their Guild Advisor. Phil Henderson returns, saying "He will return".
    • September 9 - The Guild pubs open, one for each of the new 5 official guilds.
    • September 10 - Explorers find a linking stone in Teledahn that leads to the Spy room. There is a linking book to Phil's Relto. Michael Engberg returns to the Cavern.
    • September 11 - Dr. Watson returns. He reveals that he freed the Bahro from the Tablet, and has been to Releeshahn, where the Bahro war is much worse.
    • September 12 - Dr. Watson gives a speech, stating he thinks the restoration of D'ni is the wrong thing to do, and that it is up to explorers and the Guilds to Write Ages and find something that will end the Bahro war.
    • November 1 - Cate Alexander resigns from the DRC.
    • November 2 - Ahnonay is released. Explorers find a way from Ahnonay to K'veer.
    • November 3 - Bahro swarm the Arch of Kerath. Dr. Kodama leaves for the surface as the restoration has stalled due to lack of funding.
    • November 5 - Explorers find a linking book in K'veer that leads to the Myst Library. Exits from the Myst Library are all blocked. Yeesha appears in K'veer, telling she is leading the 'evil' Bahro away, and it is up to the explorers to find a way. The remaining DRC members leave for the surface, in hopes of finding funding.
  • 2008 CE (9663 - 9664 DE)
    • April 9 - The DRC closes down the Cavern indefinitely for maintenance.

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