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DRC Member Quotes (Web Post)

Ubisoft had various news items on their Uru Live website relating to events that were happening in D'ni. At times they would have quotes from DRC members commenting on some of these events.

"We want to ensure the cavern is safe for future visitors. It's an exciting time! We're letting people in as soon as we can." - DRC Member

"We know that people are frustrated and want to get in to see the city. The worldwide response has been remarkable but not unanticipated. We'd love to be able to throw the doors wide so to speak, and we know we risk disappointing even our most ardent supporters, but we will not compromise the safety of any explorer. Thanks to everyone for their ongoing patience during this unprecedented restoration project." - Dr. Watson

"We're pleased to welcome the new arrivals to the restoration site. We will be continuing our efforts to make sure the site is safe and can accomodate these new explorers, and others that will follow." - DRC Member

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