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East Path, The

Appears In: None (early Riven design)
Location: Riven

Attached Image: eastpath.jpg
This path was located on Survey Island, and was simply a path on the east side of the island through several groves of trees and up some fairly dangerous flights of stairs. It was connected to the bridge which linked Survey and Jungle Islands together, but this fell out of use after Gehn implemented the Mag Lev system. You can still see the location of the East Path along the ride between Jungle and Survey Islands, but it is no longer accessible.

[ RAWA's East Path page ]

According to the website of the above link, it seems that there was meant to be a staircase leading further into the trees. Survey Island's firemarble dome was meant to be there initially. At the end of this Channelwood-like bridge was a lift that leads to a hard-to-see, steep, rickety, and rail-less stairwell, which lead to a door in the wall, in turn leading back into the passage to the Wahrk survey room and gold elevator. That door was obviously widened so the MagLev tram leading in this direction could go through here.

It is notable that Robyn Miller has pointed out that a lot of things in Riven before the arrival of Richard Vander Wende bore a massive resemblance to MYST. Here, the East Path looks almost exactly like the Channelwood Age of Myst.

In addition, Riven's most renowned in-game glitch takes place on this island. The Maglev from Book Assembly Island travels across the ocean and stops just underneath a plateau with the hole that used to hold a pool of Rivenese water from the Book of Atrus and several spikes. However, when the player takes the golden elevator downwards, which exposes the instabilities of the Age, it turns out that the Maglev taken by Tony Fryman, the production manager of Riven disguised as a scribe of Gehn meant probably for a mock D'ni guild of surveyors, appears to be nowhere near underground! If it wasn't for the huge diagonal curve upwards or downwards during the trip back/forth on the same train, and if the door was lower to sea level, there would be no glitch. Perhaps the instabilities are causing this.

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