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Electra Ray

Appears In: M3E
Found In: Edanna

Attached Image: electraray.jpg
Found in Edanna, and also sometimes referred to as an "electric ray," this unique ray lives in the pools of water formed by the quaffler fig, which forms bowls to collect rainwater into large pods. The Electra Ray may not be native to Edanna; potentially it was brought in by a ocean wave. The ray feeds on the roots or stems of plants that try to take advantage of this water. It is not known whether or not the ray is carnivorous, although its head resembles a squid's.

They have a defense mechanism similar to that of an electric eel; they can produce an electric current across their bodies, which can stun or kill potential prey or predators. They also use this charge on plants, possibly to extract nutrients or for some other purpose. They also possess a bioluminescence, which makes them glow a bright pinkish hue.

Categories: Fauna, Myst III: Exile