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Fortress, Mechanical Age

This structure, physically created by Atrus, was built over the sunken city that used to inhabit Mechanical Age. It provided quite a staggering defense against the Black Ships, having them leave without any means of victory. Sirrus and Achenar also aided in the fortress' development, building numerous things in and around it, such as two automated systems of steps which can raise to form a walkway.

To this day, the fortress remains, but it appears that the brothers have either killed or banished the inhabitants who lived there-if that was the case-and now only contains two throne rooms on the main floor.

Sirrus' throne room contains a large amount of models based on certain things which Atrus constructed. (The rocketship and sunken boat from Myst Island, and the now broken clock from the Selenitic Age), as well as a tapestry, a wind-up cardinal, a telescope-that looks towards a hanging skeleton when the building turned a certain way-three glowing gems, a locked antique music box, and a collection of famous paintings, one of which is the familiar "Napoleon Bonaparte" painting with the face replaced with that of Sirrus'.

Achenar's, on the other hand, holds quite a lot of war equipment, a mounted head and horns, several animal skins, a "Snake-in-the-box", and Atrus' holographic "FORTRESS ROTATION SIMULATOR".

Apparently, the brothers also have access to their own hidden chambers in the building as well:

Sirrus' contains a massive hoard of gold and silver, as well as a wine stores with a note from Achenar, while his brother's holds the box from the sacrificial altar in Channelwood with many heads inside, some poisons and chemicals, an ax embedded in a slab of wood, and his infamous Shock Cage.

Underneath the fortress is a chamber which rotates the elevator shaft in its center, and the upper floor houses a mechanism that rotates the entire fortress around its outer track, with the three islands as its stops (The West stop is a drop into the ocean).

Finally, outside the fortress are the three individual islands, including the East one where the city's sentry post used to be. This and the North Islands contain pieces of the code required to be entered on South Island to grant access to the underground Book Room.