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Golden Superdome

Appears In: Riven
Location: Temple Island

Attached Image: goldensuperdome.jpg
The Golden Superdome was constructed on Temple Island as a power plant and routing station for directing power to the Firemarble Domes on each of the five islands of Riven. It is the home of the so-called "[article title="Waffle Iron"]waffle iron[/article]" puzzle, which is the grid Gehn built to encode the distribution of power to the Domes. Unlike the Firemarble Domes, this one is built primarily out of bricks, which have been painted to appear gold. There is D'ni inscribed around the outside of the dome, which translates to "The end of this world is near."

To use the power distribution device in the golden superdome, one must understand the D'ni color symbols and the locations of the domes, both of which can be learned from Survey island. Once that's done, one must travel to Temple Island and climb to the roof of the dome, place 5 colored [article id="526"]power-marbles[/article] on specific areas of the waffle iron, at which point a massive locking device can be lowered down onto the grid. With everything set, a white button allows 5 small pins to strike and disintegrate the marbles, making a muffled nuclear explosion that activates a distribution machine below the grid inside the dome, which then sends a surge of plasma to the domes, powering them up.

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