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A sidebar is created by placing content in the "Info Box" section of the article editor screen, just below the "Body" editor.

The following information should be included in a sidebar, if it is available or applicable. If it is not, please leave the entire segment out.


Include a single image from the game that most effectively depicts the Age in question. If no games depict the Age, use an illustration from the novel if possible. If neither is available, leave this section blank.

If the Age appears in more than one game, select the game that best depicts it. Please try to avoid using spoilers in your images if possible (though this may not always be avoidable). If there are a number of images of the Age in the DPWR Gallery, you may include links to those galleries beneath the image you are using.

Images should always be attached to the article itself. Do not use external resources such as Photobucket or Flickr, and do not use links to images in the DPWR Gallery, as both are subject to change or removal, subsequently breaking the image in the article. You may download an image from the DPWR Gallery and attach it to your article if you do not have an image available to use.


List the Age's Writer, if it is known.

Restoration Phase

If this Age is on the DRC's Restoration Projects list, include the restoration phase here (e.g. "Phase 2"). If available, include a list of previous phases, and when they were reached, one per line. For example:

Phase 1: September 1, 2003
Phase 2: December 14, 2003

Release Date

This only applies to Ages released by the DRC in Uru Live, and should reflect the date when the Age was made available to the public.

Article Sections


Provide a brief but thorough description of the Age's appearance here. Exhaustive reports on architecture and machinery are not necessary, but important landmarks should be noted, along with the Age's general appearance and weather. If the Age features any plants or animals, be sure to mention them here.

D'ni History

D'ni History encompasses everything from the beginning of the known D'ni timeline to the modern-day discovery of D'ni in 1987 CE. This section should provide a summary of the Age's history during its inhabitation by the D'ni. If necessary, break this section into sub-sections to keep the information easy to read. If an Age has not been released to the public by the DRC, simply title this section "History", and create sub-sections as necessary.

Modern History

This section should be used to summarize the Age's history during the DRC Restoration process. Some Ages (like Teledahn) have a more storied history with the DRC than others, with lots of pre-release details. Wherever possible, be sure to include all of this information, as well as any changes that occurred in the Age during the events of Uru Live.

Ages appearing in Myst V: End of Ages should also get a "Modern History" section detailing their use in the Tablet Quest.

External Resources

Here you are encouraged to include links to resources from other Guilds, such as hint guides from the Guild of Greeters, or maps from the Guild of Cartographers.


You are strongly encouraged to cite your sources. If you draw from any external sources for information, including the games or novels, please cite them here and link to them if possible. Citations guidelines are available in the Guide:Citation Guidelines article.