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A sidebar is created by placing content in the "Info Box" section of the article editor screen, just below the "Body" editor.

The following information should be included in a sidebar along the right side of the article, if it is available or applicable. If it is not, please leave the entire segment out.


Include a single representative image of the character from an official source. If more than one actor has portrayed the character, indicate which actor and game the image is taken from below the image. If the character has changed significantly between games, you may include an image from each for comparison purposes. If you do this, be sure to label which game each image is from.

Birth & Death Dates

List the date of birth and the date of death for the person, if known. For D'ni individuals and their descendants, list their birth and death dates in D'ni Time, linking to the month and year of their birth and death in the Distributed Timeline. If the person is human, list their birth and death dates on the Gregorian calendar ("surface time"), again linking to the year and month of their birth and death on the Distributed Timeline, if known.


If the person belongs solely to a single race, just use the name of the race, and optionally, link to the article detailing that race. If the person is mixed-race, indicate the proportion of each race. For example, Gehn's race is listed as "1/2 Human, 1/2 D'ni".


List any actor who has portrayed the character, either in voice only or in person, being sure to attribute which source they portrayed the person in.

Article Content & Sections

There are no hard rules for how to break up a person-oriented article. References should be split into their own section, as with any other article, being sure to use the Guide:Citation Guidelines for each reference cited.

Any person's article should contain at least a brief summary of their life, their personality, and their relationships with other people. Care should be taken to write these articles as objectively as possible. There are some very obvious villains in the Myst universe, but even they deserve a fair and even-handed summary of their lives. The value of their actions should be left for the reader to judge, not the author.

As an example, "Veovis was a very bad person who killed millions of D'ni for personal revenge" is not an objective description of the character, while "Veovis was a D'ni aristocrat and politician, who brought about the Fall of D'ni by working with A'Gaeris to release a poison gas into the Cavern and Ages" is more even-handed, without glossing over the severity of his actions (note that these one-sentence summaries are for illustrative purposes only; a more thorough examination of Veovis and his actions would not only be warranted, but strongly advised).