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Guild of Cartographers: Restored

Guild of Cartographers

Attached Image: Cartographers_logo.jpg
Established: Announced 2007 CE
Cloak Color: Turquoise
Guild Symbol: Protractor on a compass rose

Restored Guild

Attached Image: CartographersGuildSeal.gif
The Guild of Cartographers is one of the five guilds the DRC has encouraged and supported for restoration. Their primary duty is the creation of maps for all of the Ages and areas released by the DRC.

The DRC has stated in their information in Kirel that "in the future, we hope that the new Guild of Cartographers will create detailed maps and analyses of new Ages before they are released to the public. These maps will include geographical areas, machinery, instrumentation and the like."

The DRC was able to open a pub specific to the Guild of Cartographers, and all who have picked up their t-shirt in Kirel have access to it through the nexus system. There is no neighborhood associated with the Guild of Cartographers. Outside of the cavern they may be found at GoC Technical Data Site and Founding Web Site

In April 2008 Grand Master Aiden disappeared along with the GoC web site he created, UruMaps.com.

Currently handling Guild affairs is Guild Master Nalates.

Guild History

Guild members active and involved during the founding of the Guild in 2004 were: Pa'trick, Ricka, EyeDE, Moiety Jean, Sel-than, Janniran, M'Kenzi, Nalates, Jack294, myridean, Linkin Imp, CeeVee, and L-Annai.

In Decemeber 2003 the first Grand Master, Pa'trick, signed his posts as Futographer. In January 2004 he was signing posts as Guild Coordinator. About January 20 he began signing as a Guild Master. As there was little if any organization, the promotion was a self made one. He posted requesting objections to the self-promotion and there were none. In what seems Guild of Cartographers' tradition now he was confirmed as Guild Master by Guild members January 21, 2004 by unanimous agreement. Later that day the Guild was adopting the member titles we use today and Jenniran proposed that the top title be changed to Grand Master. January 22, 2004 Futographer publicly adopted the title; Pa'trick Grand Master of the Cartographer's Guild. It was adopted and remains in use today as does the shortened version, Grand Master Pa

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