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Hall of Spirits

Appears In: M4R
Location: Serenia

Attached Image: Hall_of_Spirits_Exterior.jpg
The Hall of Spirits is one of several ceremonial sites used by the Protectors of Serenia.

The interior is rather confined, with an altar in the center that can be lowered into the floor, and three benches arrayed around the walls, each beneath a stone figure representing one of the elemental Spirit Guides of Serenia.

Attached Image: Hall_of_Spirits_Interior.jpg
Ceremonies held in the Hall of Spirits include the awarding of the Amulet of Memories, and the divination of the appropriate Spirit Guide for a prospective traveler to the Dream World. When consulting with the Ancestors, three sisters -- one each a Child of Wind, Water, and Fire -- occupy the benches beneath the appropriate figures and don ceremonial masks before entering the Dream World.