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Appears In: Myst, Riven, M3E, M4R, Uru: Complete Chronicles, Uru Live, EoA, BoA, BoT, BoD

Ink is one of the basic materials required to Write an Age. It is made from a special formula passed down from generation to generation by the D'ni Guild of Inkmakers. Gehn's journals seem to indicate that written formulas for Ink are scarce or even non-existent, the D'ni preferring to hand the formula down orally to the next group of Guildsmen.

Ink was made from a special kind of scarab beetle, which Gehn seems to have Written into Riven. A D'ni Proverb speaks of the use of these beetles in Ink:

A Tree falls; a page arises.
A scarab is captured; ink is released.
Life is taken; an Age is given.

This proverb was posted at the now-defunct DniGuild.com the day before it opened in June of 2001.

According to what we see in Riven, a special compound is required to activate the ink, not that it works by itself. Players see it in a small vial on Gehn's desk as a blood-red colored substance, dispersed by a tube.