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Library, Myst

Appears In: Myst, Uru: Complete Chronicles, EoA
Location: Myst Island

Attached Image: mystlibrary.jpg
Atrus' Library is the central building on Myst Island. Here, Atrus stored his journals, his Linking Books, and his Descriptive Books. Atrus Wrote a great many Ages in this Library. However, the greed of his sons, Sirrus and Achenar, was the ultimate undoing of the Library on Myst. The entire bookshelf was put to the torch, and only a small handfull of journals and Books survived the blaze.

There is a secret back door in the Library, accessible by lowering the bookcase into a set of stairs. This doorway leads to an elevator which ascends to the Tower. According to RAWA, this elevator also went down into the island itself, to a private, personal space where Atrus and his family lived. The area was not included in Myst or realMYST.

Yeesha has granted limited access to Myst's Library to those who have completed the Path of the Shell. While the Library appears to be in a state of considerable disrepair after 200 years of abandonment, it seems to have held up rather well to the tests of time. In End of Ages, Yeesha seems to have had a change of heart, and the Linking Book back to Myst has been locked. Esher, knowing that Yeesha and the Bahro will refuse to come to the island, unlocked the Book and attempted to lure the Stranger back to the Age, where he had erected a crude Keep for the Bahro Tablet in the hopes of gaining complete control over them. Fortunately, his plans were foiled and the Age of Myst now stands empty once again.

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