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Mark DeForest, Myst V is not a Recycled Uru Live

Posted: Apr 6 2005, 06:45 PM
Location: Myst Obsession

NOTE: This statement was made in response to concerns that Myst V would be essentially a "left-over pack" from Uru Live, hastily put together, with little continuity. Mark DeForest, Cyan's Chief Technical Officer, helped put these fears to rest.

All of the Ages that were in the Uru Live production pipeline were used in the expansion packs.
About the only things from Uru that we are using in Myst5 is:
- about 60-70% of the engine code
- the streamlined process for creating Ages (remember, during Uru Live we were going to release new Ages often, meaning we had to have the process of going from design to production to release very streamlined!)
- and a few Age names

Almost all of the areas in Myst5 are brand new and built from the ground up. The exception is a couple of areas that were resurrected from an unreleased game from the Plasma1 days. Which still took lots of work to resurrect.

And from Eleri's point:
Any game could be 'better' with a few more months work. That's why publishers have deadlines, otherwise the designers would fidget incessantly.

It seems that no matter what the length of the project is, the last few months before candidate master everyone (including the publisher!) is trying to get some last minute feature into the game. Which at best, could very easily lead to the candidate master always being a few months away and never getting any closer. And at worst, not leave enough time to resolve all the bugs.