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Mark DeForest, Myst V's Movement System

Posted: Sat, 16 Apr 2005 16:24:07 -0700
Location: The Lysts

NOTE: This statement was made in response to concerns that Myst V would be a "step backward," because of reports of it moving to a "point-and-click" movement system. Mark DeForest, Cyan's Chief Technical Officer, helped put these fears to rest, confirming that Myst V will be in realtime, but the player can choose between a node-based point-and-click system, or a free-roam system (like Uru had).

Not to worry. We are including both navigation styles as separate modes!

The familiar point and click interface that people who felt comfortable
with Myst and Riven will feel like they've come back home. With the
added benefit of real-time 3D (transition to nodes will be a smooth
animated camera and more). No need to worry about trying to get to an
exact spot (we'll take you there) or trying to point the camera just
right (we'll show what's interesting). This is the easiest way to get
around and you can play the whole game with the mouse and a mouse
button. This will be the default mode, so anyone can jump into the game
and play.

Also, there is a full gamer style free movement interface, that can be
controlled with two hands (mouse looking with one hand and movement and
strafing with the other hand) or one handed (if you map the mouse
buttons to movement). This is the go everywhere mode that you can
explore every nook and cranny. But of course, you might miss something
and navigation might be more difficult, but you are in full control.

And also, we are experimenting with a mode that is inbetween the two
that is showing some promise.

Mark DeForest
Cyan Worlds, Inc.