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Born - Died
??? DE - ?? 1527 DE

Race: D'ni
Nemiya was a prophetess, and advisor to the Great King, Ahlsendar. In 1520 DE, Nemiya wrote The Book of Nemiya, in which she denounced the Great King and called him a fraud and deciever. For this Nemiya was denounced as a heritic, most loudly by King Solath. In 1527 DE, Nemiya vanished. Some said that she was killed by an angry mob, and others said she was taken up by angels.

By 1550 DE, though, there was 'growing sentiment that Nemiya's book carried some truth'. Many people who thought that the Great King would return were beginning to understand that he would not, and grew angrier. Suddenly, there were many reasons to believe Nemiya's book carried truth.

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