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Observatory, J'nanin

Appears In: M3E
Location: J'nanin

Attached Image: Observatory.jpg
The Observatory is a two-leveled structure in the center of J'nanin. The first floor is a laboratory which Saavedro has converted to his own purposes.

The second level is a combination of a linking chamber, an imager room and a telescope room. Three projectors combine to create an image in the top of the domed upper level of the Observatory, enabling the playback of recordings made by Atrus to educate his sons on the skills necessary to write Ages. These projectors also serve as telescopes, which generate a unique set of codes that need to be input into the locks holding each of the three Lesson Age Books in order to gain access to them.

In the center of the upper Observatory level was a Linking Book cage which held the Book of Narayan. The Book could only be accessed by inputing three symbols into a machine on the edge of the pit in which the cage was located. After the Book was used, the cage would close and descend again into the pit requiring the next person who wanted to link to re-input the symbols.

It should be noted that, although the Exile game box depicts the Observatory in a different orientation, the structure is not capable of rotating, and was only turned that way to make a more compelling box shot (the Voltaic tusk is also missing from the box cover).

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