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Appears In: BoD
Race: D'ni

Oma was a self-taught D'ni historian. During the Fall, Oma's father, a Master of the Guild of Archivists, moved to one of the smaller islands of Bilaris not visible from the main island. His father had died 12 years before Atrus' expedition, but not without first teaching him and his brother Esel all he knew about D'ni.

When Atrus first returned to rebuild D'ni with the Averonese, Oma, Esel, and their crew spied on them. Eventually, they decided that Atrus was doing the right thing, and joined his expedition, where they assisted the Stone-masons and technicians as well as working with the Maintainers' suits, translating the texts of the Linking Books to see if they were safe, and translating the mysterious writing in the Temple of the Great King.

Oma is described as being short and rotund with disheveled hair, and occasionally seems to do things without thinking about the consequences.

It is believed that he lived out the rest of his life on Releeshahn.

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