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Pagoda, The

Appears In: M3E
Location: Amateria

Attached Image: pagoda.jpg
The Pagoda is the name given to the central building in Amateria, which also serves as a sort of "hub" for the Ice Sphere track. The top of the building is designed to lift up in the air, presumably held aloft by electromagnetic forces within the rocks used to build its frame. From here, the top of the Pagoda spawns and drops Ice Spheres onto the track below. Inside the Pagoda there is a maze of tracks, some of which can be rotated by a device in the top. There is also a moving collapsible staircase that leads to a chair and the lesson imager for the Age, which contains a message from Saavedro, who has overwritten the original lesson recordings left by Atrus.

Categories: Myst III: Exile, Places