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Power Box, Tomahna

Appears in: M4R
Location: Catherine's Lab, Tomahna

Attached Image: myst001_1_.jpg
Annoyed that Atrus's lab experiments blew the power time and time again, Catherine demanded that he should build a backup power supply in case someone becomes trapped in the elevator or other scenarios. Therefore, he created this power box.

When there is a power outage in Tomahna, the Box instantly directs power to Atrus's lab and the kitchen, requiring 15 units of power to do so (10 for the lab and 5 for the kitchen). In order to transfer power to the other rooms in Tomahna, one must press a button on the top row to show where to take power, and a button on the bottom to show where to send it. Something can only be powered when there is a green light on top of a filled column; any more power directed to that column will form a red light, and it will fail to operate.