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Prison Age

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Prison Age is the term used to describe an Age that was used to house prisoners coonvicted of serious crimes against D'ni. Typically, these Ages had a single, highly-secured linking book back to D'ni, which could be used by the Guild of Maintainers to manage prisoner transfers. For certain types of crimes, however, the Age would be left without a link back to D'ni, and the prisoner confined there alone for the rest of their lives.

Notable Prison Ages

Veovis's prison

After being captured and convicted of treason against the D'ni state, Veovis was sentenced to permanent solitary incarceration in a prison Age. This Age was arguably unique in D'ni history, written by a team of independent writers so that none would know the full picture of the Age's make-up. The Book was also burned immediately after Veovis used it. No description of the Age itself exists, and it ultimately proved an ineffective prison, as Veovis escaped with the assistance of A'gaeris and Suahrnir.


While not originally a prison Age by design, Riven was made into one by Atrus and Catherine in an effort to imprison Gehn. All linking books back to D'ni were destroyed, and Atrus himself escaped by jumping into the Star Fissure, a rift between Ages written into Riven by Catherine. Gehn was imprisoned for 30 years before finally managing to craft his own linking books from local materials. He was unable to return to D'ni, but was nevertheless no longer confined to his prison.
The stranger was able to re-imprison Gehn in a new prison Age during the effort to rescue Catherine from Riven at the end of this 30 year period.

Spire and Haven

These Ages, also known as the "red" and "blue" books due to the color of their covers, were written by Atrus to serve as tempting lures. They were intended to protect his library from anyone who might discover Myst via the linking book that had fallen into the Star Fissure during his escape from Riven, but ended up ensnaring his sons Sirrus and Achenar instead. While originally intended to have no exit, Atrus later wrote secure nara linking chambers into the Ages, in order to assess whether his sons had been reformed by their long solitary confinement. Unfortunately, Sirrus was able to break through the wall of the linking chamber and escape from Spire. He also inadvertently freed Achenar from Spire in his pursuit of his sister, Yeesha.


Tahgira was used to house multiple prisoners during the time of the D'ni empire. The specific nature of the crimes committed by its prisoners is unknown. Based on the lack of evident links back to D'ni, it would appear that there was no chance of parol for those imprisoned there.

Trap Books

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This section is written from an Out-of-Cavern perspective.

Trap books are a storytelling short-hand for prison Ages, used by Cyan in both Myst (the Red and Blue Books) and Riven (Gehn's new prison Age).

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