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Rand Miller, Announcement of D'mala Shard

Posted: February 14 2006
Location: URU Obsession

Well, hello again,

Today is a meaningful day in Cyan history. It's been about two years since the sad cancellation of Uru Live, and today we'd like to share with you that we have a new glimmer of hope for moving Uru forward.

Since Uru Live's cancellation you've kept Uru on life support with the Until Uru project - setting up your own servers to bring a bit of life to the cavern. Today we are taking a small but significant step forward by offering an official Until Uru server - the D'mala shard - available to any of you who already have Until Uru access and other Uru owners you want to invite. We've received limited funding from a third party that allows us to breathe some refreshing new life and optimism into all things Uru.

A couple points of clarification. Please don't confuse this official Until Uru server as a full renewal of Uru Live. Although we would love to announce that Uru Live was truly alive again, we're not there yet. And as such, even though our official Until Uru server will be a hub of activity and a central place for information and socialization, there will be no new content yet. And although we hope that this is the beginning of grand new things, there is of course the chance that this is just a brief reprieve. We should all remain cautiously optimistic.

This new Until Uru gives us and other parties a place to meet with the community and see what works and what doesn't - to pick your brain and get your opinions. Feel free to enjoy yourself and speak your mind to "surveyors" who ask you what you think. And feel free to invite friends and family who you think would enjoy getting back into the Uru community.

Of course, I've got to close by thanking you all so much for your support of Uru. We hope that you'll continue to stick with us and help shape the future of Uru.