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Rebel Hive, The

Appears In: Riven
Location: Tay

Attached Image: Moiety_Age.jpg
The Rebel Hive was the home of the Moiety before and during the events of Riven, and later became the new home of all of the Rivenese people. Like the village on Riven, the "hive" (so called because it resembles an insect hive) is built from adobe. It contains an entire village within the now-enclosed branches of a massive tree. Little else is known of the hive structure itself because exploration was restricted.

According to "From Myst to Riven" and Catherine's Riven diary, this Age used to be a Test Age written by Gehn, who promptly burned it-at that time, he had no working books, but the Moiety were able to steal it. Catherine modified it to create a new home for that organization.

Judging from how the hive was placed, it seems that this particular Age was initially meant to be the site for a new Great Tree of Riven, which, when the hive was written in, died. Also, the lake with canyon walls bears quite a striking resemblance to the volcano of Book Assembly Island.

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