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Redbreasted Grossamery

Appears In: M3E
Found In: Edanna

Attached Image: ed_thebird.jpg
The Grossamery is one of the many forms of wildlife encountered in the lesson Age of Edanna. It has a wingspan of approximately 6 to 7 feet, and is able to carry the weight of a person fairly easily. It has blue plumage, with a red breast and underbelly and a crest of feathers.

It bears a brood of 4 - 5 eggs at one time, with a fairly low birth rate of one to two hatchlings, perhaps to discourage predators, although its removed habitat in the upper reaches of the canopy makes this unlikely. It feeds on the fruit of the Nemel Lotus, found in the lower swamp regions on Edanna.

Categories: Fauna, Myst III: Exile