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Revelation, Amulet Memories: Tomahna

Appears in: M4R

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A. Fireplace, Master Bedroom

Visual: Yeesha is running towards the fireplace, a look of fear on her face. She runs into the fireplace, and presses the button. An arm (whose owner is not shown, but might be Sirrus' due to the white color) reaches out to get her, knocks off her amulet, and withdraws as the panel goes down. Yeesha gasps and looks shocked, not knowing what to do.

B. Painting, Master Bedroom

Catherine: That was such a good day. I wish- oh, I wish so many things, Atrus. Tell me again we did the right thing?

C. Plate, Outside Master Bedroom

Catherine: Thank you, my love.

Atrus: For what?

Catherine: For everything! For this! And for showing me again and again that no matter how many mistakes we've made, the ending has not yet been written.

D. Family Tree, Lower Level of First Garden

Atrus: This is only part of our family tree, Yeesha. If we wanted to, we could trace our lineage all the way back to when our ancestors first came to D'ni.

E. Power Box, Catherine's Lab

Catherine: That's the fifth time this week, Atrus! If you insist on blowing the power so often, then you must make sure we have some kind of backup supply! What if someone gets stuck in the elevator?!

F. Beetle Cage, Catherine's Lab

Yeesha: Don't touch it, Daddy. You'll ruin my experiment!

G. Flower Container, Catherine's Lab

Visual: Same flower, except it seems wilted or dead.

Catherine: The poor thing. Sirrus said he tried everything he could, but it just didn't like living in his garden. (shuts incubator door) A few days in here, and I bet you it will look much better.

Note: This may or may not be related to the memory of the flower in Sirrus' garden on Spire.

H. Crystal Viewer, Atrus's Lab

Atrus: Don't you see, Catherine? The new design means we won't have to go to Rime anymore. We'll be able to view our sons' Prison Ages from right here!

I. Security Monitors, Atrus's Lab

Atrus: I will not risk having our home broken into again.

Catherine: But... cameras, my love? I'll feel so... scrutinized.

Atrus: I'll only place them in the most likely entry points. You'll forget they're even there. I promise.

J. Telescope, Atrus's Lab

Atrus: See the really bright one?

Yeesha: Uh huh.

Atrus: A long time ago when your great grandmother Anna first mapped this desert with her father, she looked up into the night sky and used that star to find her way home.

K. Yeesha's Schoolbook, Outside the Kitchen

Visual: Atrus is teaching Yeesha, who is busy writing with a quill, how to write D'ni

Atrus: [That'll be] a bit more of a curve...

Yeesha: You know I'm only ten, Daddy. I don't think I can make a whole world.

Atrus: You're not making a world, my Desert Bird, you're making a link to a world. Come on, I'll show you an easier one.

Atrus picks up a smaller book and leafs through it with Yeesha.

L. Chess Set, Kitchen

Atrus: If he's thinking ahead, then he'll see the trap I've set moving my queen alone. But if he's not... I may just win this game in two moves!

Note: This is connected to the Memory of the Chess Set in Sirrus' room on Spire--1st half

M. Stove, Kitchen

Catherine: Your father's linking home tonight. Why don't we use the special plates?

N. Pots and Pans, Kitchen

Yeesha: *laughs* You don't make this meal very often, do you Daddy? Maybe we should hide the pan... before Mom gets home!

O. Figurine, Yeesha's Bedroom

Yeesha: Look, Mommy. Look what Sirrus made me! It's a Water Spirit, just like I described to him. Isn't it beautiful?

P. Dress, Yeesha's Bedroom

Yeesha: Pleeeaase can I wear it today, Mommy?

Catherine: (laughs) No! Don't you want to keep it nice for the ceremony on Serenia next week? Anya told me your getting a special necklace to go with it.

O. Bookshelf, Yeesha's Bedroom (after Achenar plunders it)

Achenar: [Aha!] I knew you'd have one!

Glass breaks, pages turn.

P. Security Seal, Linking Chamber

Atrus: Patience, my love. We've almost finished the Linking Chamber, there's just the security seal to install, but we will see our sons again soon. I promise you.

Q. Bench, Sun Room

Visual: A scene from M3E: Catherine in playing with baby Yeesha.

R. Left Tapestry, Atrus's Study

Visual: Another scene from M3E: [archive=1158]Saavedro Steals Releeshahn[/archive]

S. Right Tapestry, Atrus's Study

Catherine: (Laughing teasingly) Atrus, I thought you were going to redesign this room, but it looks just like it did before the fire!

Atrus: Not just like it did, my love. Look, the table is different!

The following three memories were added by Brett M

T. Quill pen on desk, Atrus's Study

[archive=2087]Atrus's Letter to the Stranger[/archive]

U. Broken flower pot by door from Catherine's lab to sunroom

Sounds of scuffle and breaking pot.

Yeesha: I have the key! I have the key! Please!

V. Power Post, Tram Dock

[archive=2108]Tram Ride with Yeesha[/archive]

You could also use the Amulet on Atrus's Rime, Serenia, Haven, and Spire Journals, Catherine's Journal, and Yeesha's Journal, and they will be read aloud.

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