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Revelation, Spirit Guide, Ancestor Puzzle

Location: Dream World

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Not what you expected, is it, traveller?

You're here because you want to find the answer to something that troubles you. Why, then, wouldn't Dream seem dark and mysterious at first?

Do not be afraid. The fragrance of your offering still lingers. It pleases me. So, I shall light this darkness for you, and lead you to the ones you call the Ancestors.

He [a sparkling shape] is not an Ancestor. Like yourself, he is but a traveller here. And if his mind brings him close, you should touch him, to experience as much of Dream as you can.

Dream is often visited by such creatures -- temporary inhabitants, seeking the enlightenment they cannot find in their waking lives. They do not have the wisdom to shape Dream, as the Ancestors do. But they can still learn much by seeing what possibilities exist here. Sometimes they come just to seek distraction.

[Various travellers pass by.]

Come. I sense the arrival of one who does have the power to influence dream.

How odd! She resembles an Ancestor, but she is not yet one of them. Nor is she a traveller, for I sense no waking mind to return to. It's as if that connection has been severed prematurely. I do not understand how this is possible, but this is the one you seek.

The Ancestors approach. They will attempt to communicate with her. The Ancestors are willing to shape Dream for you, but they need your help. By brushing against each one, you can impart some of your own energy to it. This will place each Ancestor in closer harmony with the others. When all are as one, their combined wisdom will reveal the answer you need.

Go on, try it. I shall be silent until you succeed. But, should you grow too frustrated, signal me by touching your amulet. I will then send you back to Serenia immediately, but without the answer you need.


Very well. The Ancestors will wait, and assist you when you return.


Welcome back, traveller. The Ancestors still wish to assist you. Place them in harmony with each other, and watch their wisdom shape Dream.


You have succeeded! I can feel the Ancestors' wisdom at work. Pay attention, for you will never see this revelation again.

[Red-Green-Blue and Cyan-Yellow-Magenta triangles displayed. Each triangle contracts to form a white circle, then splits into a circular pattern of six inward-pointing triangles on a metal door, which opens.]

The answer has been seen. There can be no turning back. Goodbye, traveller, until we journey together again.

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