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Revelation, Yannin, About the Memory Chamber

Location: Serenia, In front of harvester after first visit to Memory Chamber

Note: A part of this speech can be replayed by using the amulet on the front of the damaged harvester.

What happened? This is terrible! How are we supposed to maintain contact with the Ancestors if we can't harvest any globes?

Forgive me. I've seen your face so often in Dream, I forget you're still a stranger here.

You've been inside the Memory Chamber; you've seen the colorful lights crowning her walls. These are the memories of my people, taken from their bodies after their spirit's moved on. In Serenia, the Memory Chamber stores our memories, so that future generations can still visit us in Dream. Empty globes for storing our memories are formed under water, and we gather them using the harvester. If I am unable to fix it ... I must see how bad the damage is.

Oh, I was supposed to tell you, a few of my sisters have gathered in the Hall of Spirits to dream. If you go there after they've awakened, you might be able to learn more about what happened to Yeesha.

Good luck.

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