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Sharper, Douglas

Appears In: Uru: Complete Chronicles (mentioned), Uru Live
Race: Human

Attached Image: sharper1.jpg
Douglas Sharper is not a member of the DRC, but has been granted personal responsibility for the restoration of the Teledahn Age, an Age which he apparently discovered. His name appears several times on the DRC website, and he seems to have been betting on football with Dr. Kodama during the fall of 2002. Sharper took Yeesha's Journey in December of 2003, and spent the rest of his time in the Cavern wearing the Yeesha shirt. He has been accused of hunting one of the native "Shroomies" in Teledahn based on accounts of the activity in his personal journal. His restoration work had shifted its attention to the Great Tree Pub in the J'Taeri district, until his actions tearing down a DRC barrier blocking entrance to the Kahlo Pub in Ae'Gura led to the suspension of his restoration access to the area. He came out of Yeesha's Journey with Phil Henderson as against the DRC's stand. He was, for the remainder of the DRC's residence in the Cavern, the most insistant that people take sides against them.

Following the shudown of the Restoration, Sharper apparently remained behind in D'ni for a time, recording his thoughts in a new journal. He has changed greatly since December of '03. His attitude in his writing is much more mellow, and he holds a certain amount of guilt for actions which he believes led to the death of Phil Henderson.

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