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Spirit Guides, Serenian

Appear In: M4R
Actor: Peter Gabriel
Race: N/A

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The Serenian spirit guides are elemental spirits of wind, water, or fire who serve as guides to the Serenian Dream World. Visiting Dream without the assistance of a spirit guide is likely to prove disasterous for the traveler.

Three of the Protectors of Serenia -- Zanika, Raeane, and Moiri -- are specialists in aiding seekers to determine which spirit guide is most appropriate to their nature. This process normally takes much time and training, and is completed by a ceremony in which the seeker places his or her hand on a special cloth, producing a handprint by which the Protectors can determine the weave of the seeker's life and select the proper guide:
  • Child of Wind: Attracted by challenge and diversity, always moving swiftly to the heart of the matter, yet willing to take the time needed to understand it.
  • Child of Water: Appreciates the beauty and richness of life around him. Confident in his ability to succeed, but willing to seek help when the answers seem elusive.
  • Child of Fire: Drawn by the excitement of new experiences, always seeking adventure over stasis. Sometimes his desire to succeed makes him miss the deeper meaning, but he always finds the answers he seeks when he really wants them.
Once the spirit guide has been selected, the seeker must find a manifestation of that guide in one of the glades of the stone forest, and bring it an appropriate offering. The drifting seed clusters of the weeping blossom tree are most pleasing to the wind spirit, while the water spirit prefers the delicate bubbles emitted by geysers in the stone forest, and the fire spirit is attracted by the burning liquid spilled from the flowers of the Serenian fire crocus. Once the offering is accepted, the spirit guide will join the traveler on each trip to the Dream World.

Yeesha, daughter of Atrus and Catherine, was determined to be a Child of Water during her training under the Protectors.

The spirit manifestations and their offerings are shown below.

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