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Stratton, Bryan

Appears In: N/A (Strategy Guide author)
Race: Human

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The author of the journals and experiences in the two Uru Guides, published by Prima Publishing. Bryan Stratton also co-wrote the Revelation guide with Mary DeMarle, Revelation's head writer. Although the guide is from the POV of the Stranger, it is possible that Bryan compiled old DRC data, however the source of this data is currently unknown.

In the fall of 2003, Bryan was assigned the task of meeting Dr. Richard A. Watson of the DRC, to travel with him to D'ni and write an account of his expedition. Prima Publishing was given exclusive rights to send someone to D'ni and write a book about it. Bryan was very reluctant about taking the job to write the "travel guide." Bryan had only written video game strategy guides in the past, and had never written a travel journal before. Bryan was a bit of an isolationist; he usually did not like leaving his house. He was curious about it yet wanted to refuse his editor's request to cover the subject, but he needed the money. He had played Myst and Riven when they first came out and enjoyed them, but he was by no means a hardcore fan or expert, and so he replayed the games and read the books to refresh his memory of the history of D'ni, a place he was sure was only imaginary. Skeptical of the existence of D'ni, Bryan still journeyed to the Cleft to meet Dr. Watson, driven there by a "friendly yet slightly manic DRC volunteer.". The leader of the DRC never showed up, but Bryan spoke with Professor Jeff Zandi and began Yeesha's journey.

By the end of Bryan's experiences with Yeesha's journey, he felt used and manipulated by her, and was worried about the consequences of the release of a Bahro. He decided to meet Dr. Watson and learn much more about D'ni, but he apparently never got the chance. His second publication on D'ni also indicates that he never entered the Cavern with other explorers in late 2003 or early 2004.

After Bryan's journey, he left the Cleft and sent his journal and photographs to his publisher to be released to the public. In exchange for allowing Prima to reprint DRC research journals found by the author during his journey, the DRC was given access to the journals of the author. He waited for several weeks after his journey, in hopes that the fame brought by his rediscovery of D'ni would give him the resources he would need to document the DRC's restoration of D'ni. Bryan expected his journals to reveal the existence of D'ni to all, but the vast majority of people dismissed his fantastic and otherworldly journals as simply a videogame walkthrough (after all, it was published through Prima Publishing, which mainly dealt with videogames).

Bryan was also unable to contact the DRC. He discovered that their phone was disconnected about three months after Bryan's journey. His mail to them was returned with no forwarding address. It was this sudden disappearance of the DRC, and his obsession about D'ni itself, that led Bryan to return to D'ni in the spring of 2004, activating the Great Zero and discovering the reasons behind the DRC's departure. Directly following this quest of his, Bryan discovered the Path of the Shell, Yeesha's new journey, which he followed to its completion. These travels were detailed and photographed, and are also published by Prima Publishing.

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