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Tamon, Guildsman

Appears In: BoD, M3E (mentioned)
Race: D'ni

Tamon was a guildsman in the Guild of Stonemasons when D'ni fell. He linked to an unnamed Age with a fairly large group of other D'ni when the plague was released. Nine days after the Fall, his son Huldref linked back to D'ni to check on the situation, and succumbed to the plague before he could return. Tamon remained in the Age for seventy years, until Atrus found him during his restoration efforts.

As a member of the Guild of Stonemasons, Tamon was placed in charge of the stone-working during the restoration.

Tamon linked to Releeshan with the other D'ni survivors. Once there, he presumably continued to work with the Stonemasons, since he was able to provide nara padlocks to Atrus.

It should be noted that the Exile Strategy Guide incorrectly records Tamon as having escaped to Aurack.

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