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Ti'ana's Father

Appears In: BoT
Race: Human

Ti'ana's father was born in Europe, but lived with his wife and daughter in the Lodge. There, he carried out scientific expeditions and experiments. One of these was geological surveys, searching where silver could be found, which was reported to Amanjira, a nobleman and trader of Tadjinar.

Together with Ti'ana, he found a stone circle and a tunnel which were made 30 years before in the D'ni excavation. He tried to explore it, but the exertion from the exploration caused his death, which led to Ti'ana's further exploration into the tunnel to the D'ni cavern.

It was because of him that Ti'ana came to understood the importance of "the Whole." As Ti'ana did with Atrus, he very often asked her the question, "What do you see," in an attempt to instill upon her the larger picture of the world and how it works. Even after his death, Ti'ana heard his voice speak to her in her head, just as Atrus heard her voice in his head, and how Yeesha claimed to hear Atrus's voice in hers.

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