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Tram, Tomahna

Appears In: M4R
Location: Tomahna

Attached Image: tn_gallery_575_57_1089511397_1_.jpg
In order to quicken access between the Cleft and Tomahna, Atrus built a tram from the Cleft (or a nearby location in the desert) to his lab. Power for the tram is directed from Atrus's lab, which is powered by the Waterwheel. It is used twice in M4R: the first time is when Yeesha picks up the Stranger to visit her brothers, and the second time (though you do not see it) is when Atrus goes to the Cleft for tools to repair the Crystal Viewer.

The tram does not appear to exist in the present day, so it is likely that the track was either dismantled or decayed in the almost 200 years since the events in Myst IV: Revelation.