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Race: D'ni
Appears in: MYST Comic Book #0

NOTE: Cyan cancelled the MYST comic books after numerous errors appeared in them. They should not be taken as true D'ni canon, and are apocryphal at best.

Attached Image: varsil.png
According to the MYST comic books, Varsil was the "First Guildmaster." He, with the help of his apprentice Atak, sought to link to other worlds, and was mocked by the rest of D'ni for his efforts. However, he was able to Link to a bounteous Age (named Dania, in honor of the D'ni princess whose hand he sought) that would end a two-generation-long famine plaguing D'ni.
As a reward for this service to D'ni, King Clevis offered to grant Varsil any wish of his desire. But when Varsil asked for Dania's hand in marriage, Clevis (offended at the prospect of a commoner marrying his noble daughter) refused, and the enraged Varsil sought revenge, destroying the Age of Dania and plotting to raise an army to kill Clevis and make himself king.
However, Atak put out Varsil's eyes, preventing him from Writing ever again.

Varsil's work became the foundation for all D'ni civilization, though he never wrote another word.

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