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Veovis's Sanctuary

Appears In: BoT
Written By: Veovis (?)

This unnamed Age was used as a sanctuary and base of operations for Veovis, A'Gaeris and Suahrnir as they carried out multiple terrorist attacks on D'ni over a period of several weeks. This bleak Age consisted of a large spire-like island riddled with rooms and hallways, very similar in size and form to K'veer, suggesting that Veovis may have written it in whole or part. The island contained numerous linking books to locations throughout D'ni, as well as a vast array of weapons, equipment and supplies. The Age and activities within were discovered by Ti'ana, who followed Veovis from D'ni. Its fate after Veovis's recapture is unknown - it was most likely abandoned or confiscated by the Guild of Maintainers.