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    Achenar in Myst
    Achenar in Myst IV: Revelation

    1/2 Rivenese, 1/8 D'ni, 3/8 Human

    Great-Grandparents: [article title=Aitrus]Aitrus[/article], [article title=Ti'ana]Ti'ana[/article]
    Grandparents: [article id=147]Gehn[/article], [article title=Keta]Keta[/article]
    Parents: [article title=Atrus]Atrus[/article], [article title=Catherine]Catherine[/article]
    Siblings: [article title=Sirrus]Sirrus[/article] (younger brother), [article title=Yeesha]Yeesha[/article] (younger sister)

    Myst: The Book of Atrus, Myst, Myst IV: Revelation

    Myst III: Exile, Myst V: End of Ages, Myst: The Book of D'ni

    [article id=780]Note to Sirrus, Mechanical Age[/article]
    [article id=790]Serenia Journal[/article]
    [article id=791]Haven Shipwreck Journal[/article]
    [article id=792]Haven Lakehouse Journal[/article]

    [article id=621]Myst, Blue Book[/article]
    [article id=661]Revelation, Amulet Memories, Serenia[/article]
    [article id=658]Revelation, Amulet Memories, Haven[/article]
    [article id=649]Revelation, Stealing the Lifestone[/article]
    [article id=653]Revelation, Sirrus & Achenar at the Old Memory Chamber[/article]

    Rand Miller - Myst, realMYST
    Guy Sprung - Myst IV: Revelation
    Achenar was the older son of Atrus and Catherine, and brother to Sirrus and Yeesha. Like his brother, he seems to have been named after a star - Achernar - as a nod to Atrus' deep love of astronomy. Seemingly unable to properly channel his emotions, he developed a strange (and some would say disturbing) fascination with death, weaponry, torture, and instruments of dismemberment. He could, at times, appear quite visibly insane, though whether this was the result of any actual mental instability or simply an inability to properly control himself is not known.

    When Achenar was 11, his great-grandmother, Ti'ana, died. Atrus, unable to cope with the loss, buried himself in his work, often ignoring his sons and even his wife for extended periods. It's possible that it was at this point that Achenar began to act out and develop his more violent tendencies which consumed him for a considerable portion of his life.

    Originally thought to have been only peripherally involved in the plot to control the Ages of Myst, it is now known that Achenar actually had the most important task of all: designing, building, and testing the Memory Exchange Chair in the old Memory Chamber on Serenia, as well as ensuring that the environment within the Chamber itself was non-lethal. He was also apparently in charge of removing the page from Atrus' Myst Linking Book before going on a trip to K'veer to investigate why Catherine had linked there before him. It seems now that Achenar was actually asked to do the majority of the grunt work for this plan, which appears to have originally been concocted by Sirrus.

    Unfortunately for the brothers, their plan never came to fruition. Achenar, suspecting Sirrus intended to use the Memory Exchange Chair on him and not Atrus, abandoned Sirrus and his plans and instead linked to Haven, one of the two Prison Ages left out by Atrus to trap potential raiders of his Library.

    For nearly twenty years Achenar was left alone on Haven. For the first eight years, Achenar reveled in the Age's abundant lifeforms, and his skill in killing as many of them as he could. It would appear that he actually managed to hunt one of them, the cerpatee, to extinction, and severely endangered the long-term survival of another species.

    Soon after relocating to a lake-side cabin from the up-ended shipwreck in the cove, Achenar began to have disturbing and haunting dreams of the multitudes of victims he had tortured and killed over the years before his imprisonment, made all the worse by the constant cries of wildlife in the jungle surrounding him.

    Eventually, Achenar found redemption for his past deeds through a "tribe" of monkey-like creatures native to the Age called mangrees, and through the later relationship he developed with his little sister, Yeesha. When Sirrus attempted to kidnap her and use her as part of a sinister plan to learn The Art from his father, Achenar proved pivotal in Yeesha's rescue, sacrificing himself so that the Stranger could free Yeesha from her brother's grasp in Serenia's Dream World.

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