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  • Ae'Gura


    Appears In: BoA, BoT, BoD, Uru: Complete Chronicles, Uru Live

    Location: D'ni


    Pronounced "(long)i-GOO-ruh," This massive spire of rock was commonly referred to by the D'ni simply as "The Island". It shot nearly a mile up into the D'ni Cavern, and served as the home for the D'ni Capital, housing such important government buildings as the Guild Hall and the Halls of each of the 18 major Guilds of the D'ni society. It was also the home of the Great Zero and its associated machinery, which reside at the very peak of the massive island.


    Ae'Gura also contained the Harbor, which had at its entrance the Arch of Kerath. Somewhere on Ae'Gura were also housed two bells; one which rang out the time every D'ni Hour, and the other which was only rung to indicate the death of an important member of state (such as a Great Lord) or to alert the population that D'ni was in danger.


    The DRC commonly refers to Ae'Gura as "the city" in their reports, and the Myst Novels have something of the same problem. This has led to some confusion as to where events are taking place. The DRC has stated that unless they refer to something in "City Proper", they will be referring to Ae'Gura, not the D'ni City.

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