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  • Age 233

    • Ages Riven http://archive.guildofarchivists.org/wiki/Age_233

    Written By: Gehn

    Appears In: Riven


    This Age was the last complete Age written by Gehn. It was also the first Age he managed to write on Riven; far away from the pre-made D'ni books and the phrases he used to write them. Age 233 was made up of many spectacular pillars; they looked much like one mountain stacked on another. The conditions on Age 233 were harsh; the age was rocky, hot, and the sun of that age was extremely bright, requiring more than the normal amount of eye protection.


    The unusual rock formations on Age 233 were caused by the acidic content of the seawater, which eroded away the rock. When the level of the water lowered (for whatever reason), it left the unusual shapes in the rock seen in these images. The caustic seas lost their acidity when they dissolved too much rock and became excessively concentrated with minerals, which thus neutralized its acidity. It is likely that the seas dropped due to the harsh conditions of the Age, evaporating the water as the planet drew closer to the sun it orbited.


    Gehn built a laboratory/office on one of the lower mountains, and was conducting studies from them to determine the stability of the Age. Having been trapped on Riven by his son, Atrus, Gehn was cut off from all of the resources and references he had used to Write his other Ages. Age 233 was the first time Gehn was forced to Write on his own, away from those books, from which he typically cobbled together phrases he liked with a severely negative impact on the stability of the final Age. Unfortunately for the sake of science (but fortunately for the sake of the other people Gehn would have oppressed had he been free to Write more Ages), Gehn was never able to determine if the Age was stable or not. However, most people concur that the Age is likely still unstable, in spite of Gehn's isolation from his "cheat sheets".


    In addition to his experiments on Age 233, Gehn was also busy Writing his next Age (prosaically entitled Age 234) here, a refuge and escape for himself and the people of Riven, whose world was collapsing. To this end, Gehn had crafted an elaborate and ornate desk, with the elements of the Art arrayed about it meticulously, as he had seen on his own father's desk many years before in D'ni. The words "We are immortal in creation" are written in D'ni around the top of the desk.


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