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  • Ahnonay Cathedral

    • Ages https://archive.guildofarchivists.org/wiki/Ahnonay_Cathedral https://www.guildofarchivists.org/uploads/post-2-1152770154.jpg

    Appears in: Uru: Complete Chronicles

    Writer: Kadish


    The Ahnonay Cathedral is also known as the Ahnonay Temple and the Ahnonay Linking Chamber, but in any case, should not be confused with the Age of Ahnonay.


    The Cathedral seems to be part of a water world like Ahnonay, but we do not know anything about it outside the cathedral-like structure. During Kadish's mission to prove himself as the Grower, he used this Age in conjunction with Ahnonay to fool people into thinking that he could travel through time. He did this by leading guided tours through Ahnonay. Once Kadish and his party linked to the Cathedral, they would proceed to the book alter, where they returned to Ahnonay. Linking to the Temple and back would give Kadish's giant mechanism enough time to rotate to the next sphere, thus creating the illusion of time travel.


    It should be noted that, although there are 4 spheres in Ahnonay, the cathedral only links to the 3 complete ones. However, after breaching the sphere device's security implement, the book, like the one in your Relto, can access the 4th sphere as well. Even so, once the book pedestal there is used, the cycle resets.


    Strangely, both this Age and Ahnonay itself bear dozens of similarities to the Mechanical Age of MYST.


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