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  • Ahnonay

    • Ages Episode 9: Exodus Uru: Complete Chronicles https://archive.guildofarchivists.org/wiki/Ahnonay https://www.guildofarchivists.org/uploads/monthly_02_2008/ibwiki_article-1874-1202593654.jpg,monthly_02_2008/ibwiki_article-1874-1202596445.jpg

    Appears in: PoTS, Uru Live

    Written by: Guild Master Kadish (?)


    Ahnonay, a presumably large Age with large waterfalls and rock pinnacles, belonged to [article id=240]Guildmaster Kadish[/article] before the Fall of D'ni. In the Age of Ahnonay there was a large mechanism holding four spheres shaped like an enormous 4-car ferris wheel. Each sphere contained a different environment.


    The first sphere (which is how Ahnonay is most often depicted) is made up of rocks, grass, and cherry trees under a pinkish overcast sky. The water has a very strong current, possibly operated by a wave pool device in the Age that always leads to the lagoon. There is a small stone tower containing tiny lights inside as well as a secret door from which Kadish could spy on visitors, operate the spheres, or control the current. While it appears that from the island you can see several other islands with buildings, these islands are in fact mesh canvas facades. In addition, the lights are actually large glowing lamps with dials, placed for some unknown purpose.


    Small, triangular, triple-legged crab-like creatures called [article id=843]Quabs[/article] inhabit this sphere, though it is unknown whether they were placed there by Kadish, or if they found their way in after the Fall. Also, irritating to explorers of Myst online: Uru Live, they have been found to either have climbed out of the water or bred when explorers return to this sphere after using the book pedestal. Quabs found in more recent exploration have a different iris pattern than those encountered earlier. These Quabs are capable of jumping into water on the outer edge of the island in response to just the footfall of the explorers. Explorers need no longer touch the Quabs. The footstep sounds of this type of Quab are not like those of Earth kind, but instead sound more like the footsteps of explorers. These Quabs do not move side to side when idle.


    The second sphere represents the same 'Age', but deteriorated, with clouds and mist replacing the water, the pink clouds turned gray and the rocks eroded. The clouds envelope the entire sphere and blue lightning storms flash in the distance. The tower lights are removed, with neither controls nor a door inside. The fake islands have supposedly crumbled. Strange crystalline forms called[article title=Ning Trees]Ning Trees[/article] dot the landscape. These trees register on pressure plates linked to the large "clock" device in the center of the lagoon.


    The third sphere represents the same 'Age' in the future, hanging in space, which appears to have a odd grayish ring around the periphery of the sphere, creating the illusion that Ahnonay is a ringed planet like those of our solar system. The radar device is destroyed, the island itself has broken into asteroids with some scrubby grass, and the tower eroded into nothing more than a craggy meteor topped with a stump.


    The fourth sphere was under construction during the Fall, contains a massive statue of Kadish at the center, and the framework for another ring-shaped island around it, plus a small metal skeleton for the square tower's initial state, which explorers can reach. Nothing is known about what this sphere was planned to look like.


    Ahnonay was built to substantiate Kadish's claim of being [article id=321]The Grower[/article], a person prophesied by the [article id=227]Watcher[/article], who was supposedly able to travel through time and link at will. Kadish would bring in visitors to the first sphere, then show them the second and third spheres, supposedly traveling through time.


    It should be noted that the DRC has pointed out that the water is "reaching increasingly toxic levels", despite the fact that swimming is vital to solving the Age.


    By solving the Age further, explorers will find tiny maintenance station docks attached to each sphere, with various colors of white, orange, blue, and green, each becoming older on up, the 4th of which is under extreme disrepair, evidenced by damaged wires in the ceiling, creating showers of sparks. Also, Kadish has painted the walls with frescoes of gears and the Age's symbol, containing the D'ni numbers one through four, and like the status of the docks themselves, the paint is flaking off the walls with age. These docks line up with an airlock leading to the hub of the sphere mechanism containing a huge imager showing each sphere's interior and Kadish's Vogondola underneath it, which leads to his small personal quarters and office overlooking the spheres.


    For more information about the plants and animals of this Age please either refer to the pages here on the Archive or browse over to the D'ni Zoological Societies Wiki


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