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  • Ahyoheek Table


    Appears In: Uru: Complete Chronicles, Uru Live

    Location: Bevin-style Neighborhoods


    Ahyoheek (alternately spelled "Ayoheek" and commonly referred to simply as "'heek") is a D'ni game similar in nature to that of Rock, Paper, Scissors, and is played at a 5-sided table. The DRC released the rules of the game on 11/24/03, and they have been detailed in the [article id="690]Games: Ahyoheek[/article] entry.


    As noted by Terrapin and by the DRC, Ahyoheek tables can be found in many - if not all - of the Neighborhoods in D'ni, and there was a high-score contest held at one time time by the DRC. Results were formerly visible on the Classroom imager, but the records appear to have been removed once the DRC returned to the Cavern in 2006.


    It should be noted that the DRC has detected an upward stream of radiation coming from the Ahyoheek table's holographic emitter, and advises explorers that dancing on the tables should be done at their own risk.


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