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  • Atrus, Letter to Stranger (Packet)


    Appears in: M4R Getting-Started Packet


    My friend,

    Forgive me for not responding to your last letter sooner. The truth is I have I have been much distracted of late.

    As you know, twenty years ago you stumbled upon a Book I thought had lost. A special "Linking Book" that could transport whoever touched it to a peaceful island paradise called Myst. Myst had been my family's home for years - until my sons, Sirrus and Achenar, betrayed me.

    I doubt I will ever know what caused my sons to become so greedy, but when my back was turned they used the other Linking Books I'd written and traveled to worlds more beautiful than Myst. They plundered and destroyed those innocent "Ages." Then they locked me in a place called D'ni to keep me from seeing what they'd done.

    Thankfully, you freed me from that prison and let me deal with my sons' treachery myself. Later, you helped me reunite with my wife Catherine, whom Sirrus and Achenar had also deceived. You even helped Catherine and I begin a new life, with our new daughter Yeesha, in a home we call Tomahna. But never once did you ask me about the red and blue Books I'd written to ensnare my own sons - the Books I burned in anger the moment you set me free.

    I've often wondered if you thought I'd killed my own sons when I burned up those two Books. But never once have I offered you the truth.

    Come. Visit me in Tomahna right away. There is much I have to tell you about my sons.



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