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  • Atrus' first generator


    Appears In: BoA, Uru: Complete Chronicles (drawing), Uru Live (drawing)

    Location: The Cleft


    One of Atrus' earliest recorded experiments with energy, this generator and battery were made from materials harvested around the volcano. They were hand built by Atrus following a design from one of Ti'ana's ancient D'ni books. The dome/generator was attached to the top of a steam vent which transferred the steam energy to the battery. The original plan was to detonate a small explosive charge near the vent that would release the trapped steam to the vent. The experiment was successful, but the pressure of the steam was too great for the cap Atrus had installed, and it burst, causing the ledge to collapse as the steam exploded outward. Though the battery successfully held a charge, there remains no further evidence that Atrus went along with his plan to add electric lighting to the Cleft using batteries.

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