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    Appear In: Uru: Complete Chronicles, Uru Live

    Locations: Unknown, Rudenna Cavern, The Cleft


    There are several Bahro Caves that explorers have reported encountering during their journeys through D'ni. All Bahro Caves have similar elements, such as the lanterns, hanging chandeliers made of earth and animal tusks, and their size. Beyond that, the caves differ somewhat in their particulars, depending on which cave you're in.


    The first pair are accessible through Yeesha's "Journey," which involves the use of the handprint Journey Cloths and the related Journey Doors. The first of these two caves is located in an unknown location (the KI actually reports your position as "???"). This cave, commonly referred to as the "blue" Bahro Cave, appears to be suspended above the contents of the Star Fissure, though there has been no official confirmation of this speculation. In this cave, Yeesha has placed pre-recorded speeches which play upon an explorer's arrival. The cave is divided into four segments, each with a symbol on the floor, a Bahro Pillar near the edge, a Journey Hand on the wall for "collecting" the Pillar and sending it to Relto, and a depiction of Yeesha, which can be touched to replay the current speech. Access to Relto is blocked while within the Bahro Cave, and the only exit is to leap into the center and fall through the stars back to Relto.


    The second Bahro Cave seems to be located in the roof of the Rudenna Cavern, a sub-cavern within the D'ni Empire. As a result of the color of the lake lighting below, this cave has earned the nickname of the "orange" Bahro Cave. Here, the Pillars must be returned to their positions within the Cave, and as each Pillar is returned, the segments of the floor of the Cave slide together, rather than remaining apart as in the blue cave. Again, a set of symbols appears on the floor of the cave, seemingly different for each explorer who makes the Journey, and the Journey Cloth and Yeesha depictions are on the walls behind each Pillar base.[/br]

    The third Bahro Cave is actually split into an upper and lower section. These sections are both accessible by taking the Path of the Shell, which can presently only be done through Uru: Complete Chronicles. Unlike the Journey Bahro Caves, the Path of the Shell caves allow explorers to use their Relto Books to leave the caves at any time. The upper section of the cave is accessible through the use of a Bahro Stone located in the Pellet Room in Er'Cana, and can also be accessed by touching the carving of the Star Fissure that is located in the canyon outside of the Er'Cana factory. This portion of the cave has depictions of the pellet baking settings needed to create pellets capable of causing extreme bioluminescence in the lake algae in D'ni. There is also a large hole in the center of the cave. It is strongly advised that explorers do not jump into this hole.


    The lower section of the cave is accessible through a Bahro Stone in Kadish's personal quarters on Ahnonay. Curiously, this lower section of the cave appears to be 625 D'ni seconds (roughly 14.5 minutes) behind the upper section of the cave, enabling an explorer to drop a pellet through the hole in the upper cave, link away, and then link into the lower section to see the results. There is a small pool in the middle of the lower cave, directly beneath the hole in the upper cave. This pool appears to have bioluminescent algae similar to those found in the D'ni lake, as the pellet causes a brief but extreme increase in the level of light in the cave, allowing explorers to see a number of Bahroglyphs as well as a portion of the solution to the final puzzle of The Path of the Shell.[/br]


    In addition, the small cave beneath the Cleft can be considered a Bahro Cave, as it does follow the same basic stylistic guidelines of the other caves. However, aside from being where explorers can find their Relto Book, there appears to be very little that is "special" about this cave, unlike the others.

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