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  • Cannen


    Appears In: Riven, Uru: Complete Chronicles

    Location: Age 233 (Riven), Relto (Uru)


    The cannen is a music recording and playback device, used by Gehn during his time imprisoned on Riven. The device also appears in the Kadish Gallery in Ae'Gura, and can be added to Relto as well using a page found in the Great Shaft. Because of the presence of the player in D'ni itself, Gehn's claims of inventing it himself based on [article title=Amad]Amad[/article] technology seem slightly specious. It is possible however, that Gehn simply replicated the appearance of a D'ni cannen and used his knowledge of Amad technology to create the inner workings. The device itself consists of a small, five-pointed knob of unclear purpose, possibly a volume control of some kind-and a large cylindrical button on the top, which plays back a recorded audio sample when pressed. Gehn used his cannen to record and play back the music he played on his [article id=529]marel-obe[/article] to help him relax and meditate.


    Apparently, this Cannen receives power from the boiler which also charges Gehn's five Riven Linking Books.



    The Cannen in Uru plays back different files depending on which version of Uru is being played. The Complete Chronicles version plays a clip from the Uru trailer music, and can also play back arbitrary .OGG or .WAV files placed in the "My Music" folder within the Uru program folder. The cannen will cycle through files in this folder with each press of the playback button.


    In Myst Online: Uru Live, the player will play Gehn's Theme from the Riven soundtrack by default. The theme from Kadish Gallery can be added to the cannen by clicking on the device in Kadish Gallery, after which the Relto player will cycle through the two audio files just like the Complete Chronicles version.


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