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  • Channelwood

    • Ages Myst realMYST https://archive.guildofarchivists.org/wiki/Channelwood https://www.guildofarchivists.org/uploads/post-2-1153202437.jpg

    Appears in: Myst, realMyst

    Written by: Atrus


    Channelwood was written by Atrus while living on Myst. When Atrus linked there, the Age was mostly covered by water, which would change colors throughout the day. There was only a small island in Channelwood; the rest of the Age consisted of trees growing out of the ocean surrounding it. The only livable space on the Age was in the trees, though it is possible to get around under the trees by means of a series of footpaths that had been built for that purpose. Atrus found many sentient, ape-like tree-dwellers who spoke to each other in a language Atrus found hard to understand. However, the strangest thing Atrus found upon arriving was an old man who spoke Atrus' language (whether this was D'ni or the surface language he knew is not indicated by Atrus' journal). This man told Atrus that he had been expecting someone of his kind to arrive, and that Atrus was late in coming. He then proceeded to relay the following tale of Channelwood's past to Atrus:


    Once, there was an island below them. On this island lived humans. The tree-dwellers lived in peace with the men, and resided in the trees. At some point, rumblings began in the island. Soon, it began to sink into the sea. According to the man, the humans had somehow sacrificed themselves to stop the collapse of the island. The rest of them moved into the trees, which was the only place left for them. However, they were ill-suited for life in the trees, and they slowly perished, leaving him the sole remaining survivor of the calamity. After relaying this tale to Atrus, he rose, and walked out of the tree house onto the pier below, killing himself. The tree-dwellers mournfully committed him to the sea, from which point on the water no longer changed color; something for which Atrus was never able to find an explanation.


    According to Atrus' journal, he set up a system of hydro-electric power on Channelwood, in order to power elevators from the paths over the sea to the trees. He also notes that his sons were able to communicate much better with the tree-dwellers than he was. In the end, Atrus allowed them to visit Channelwood by themselves. What became of the tree-dwellers is a mystery. It is assumed that they were somehow slaughtered by Sirrus and Achenar.


    It must be noted that Channelwood never contained weather animations (stars, clouds, sun/moon), and all that can be seen is a dull white backdrop from wherever the player looks.


    Channelwood Map from Myst Masterpiece Edition:




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