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  • Chroma'Agana




    Appears In: BoD

    Written By: Atrus


    Chroma'Agana was an Age written by Atrus after he and Catherine were re-united following the events that took place in the game Riven. By that time, Myst was a very painful place for them to live, because of the dark cloud of memories created by the betrayal of their sons. Because the two Ages are remarkably similar, It had been theorized in the past by several in the community that Chroma'Agana was, in fact, Myst, but that the name had been changed. However, after contacting RAWA, the matter has been set straight: the two Ages are actually separate Ages with a great deal of similarity.


    It was not Atrus and Catherine's plan to abandon Chroma'Agana so soon after linking to it, but the events of the Book of D'ni changed those plans, and they left the Age in favor of Tomahna.


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