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  • D'ni Units of Measure

    • D'ni Mathematics https://archive.guildofarchivists.org/wiki/Category:Units_of_measure


    • Span - Approximately 13.3 feet

    [h=1]Angular Measure[/h]

    • Toran - There are 62,500 Torans in a complete circle. 1 Toran is equal to approximately 0.00576 degrees, or 0.00100512 radians.

    [h=1]The Great Zero[/h]

    The Great Zero utilizes Torans and Spans to determine an individual's location in regards to the Zero. The Zero outputs a set of three coordinates - Angle, Distance, and Elevation - to the KI, which can be used to fairly precisely (within 13.3 feet) determine a person's location in an Age.


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    You can also use this formula to calculate Torans


    (Degrees * 3125) / 18 = Torans




    (Torans * 18) / 3125 = Degrees

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