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  • Dahtamnay

    • Ages https://archive.guildofarchivists.org/wiki/Dahtamnay https://www.guildofarchivists.org/uploads/post-1796-1189533120.jpg,post-1796-1189533130.jpg,post-1796-1189533143.jpg,post-1796-1189533522.jpg

    Appears In: DRC Site


    Not much is known about this age. The following statement is taken from the DRC website on the suspension of Dahtamnay:


    Dahtamnay - 9/2000 - environment far too volatile - extreme danger - K


    The DRC further clarified reasons for a more recent suspension, citing lack of manpower.


    It is likely that this Age is heavily volcanic, as the name appears to contain the phrase "fire-root." Then again, this may refer to a species of plant on the Age, but given Kodama's comment, I think volcanic activity is a safe assumption (Durane).


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